Caring For Your Quilt 

A front loading washer provides the most gentle 
wash.  Always use cold water and the most delicate 
cycle when laundering your quilt.  Remove from your 
washer immediately.  Line dry or lay flat to dry.  
Do not fold damp.

To set the colors, use only two cups of 
white vinegar and a half cup of 
table salt for the first wash. 

We also recommend using Shout Brand 
Color Catchers during every wash. 
Choosing The Correct Size

Take into consideration the depth of your mattress before purchasing your quilt.  If you have a queen size bed with a deep pocket mattress, you may find a king size quilt a better fit.  A non-directional king size quilt gives you two options!  If you have a king size bed with a deep pocket mattress, you may consider either a super king or an extra super king.  
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